Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can’t see the sign in fields after opening the app.

Ans: Please check that your internet connection is working. Due to heavy traffic you might also face such connectivity issues, we are working on updating our bandwidth, hang tight!

2. I’m trying to update but the app is either stuck in a loop or not installing.

Ans: This is a known issue of Oculus Store, please uninstall the app completely and install the app again while completely in VR mode or 2D mode.

3. I didn’t get the verification email! 

Ans: Sometimes there are typos in emails and there are few instances where verification email is not sent. Please check your spam folder, if the email is not there, email us at from the email you used to sign up and we will immediately verify your account.

4. What happens if I lose all of my chips?

Ans: A small refill of 1000 chips will be given to you every time your chips are less than the minimum buy-in of the smallest table.

5. What if another player is rude or abusive in the casino?

Ans: There is an option to mute any person by clicking on their VoIP indicator inside casino VR. In addition, you can report any incidents of abuse to the casino VR team at After several such reports, the account will be penalized.

6. How do I talk to other people?

Ans: Swiping up on the touchpad while your headphones are connected will turn on your microphone. After that, You can talk to people sitting beside you on your table. If you desire to, you can turn off your microphone by swiping up on the touchpad again or disconnecting the headphones.

7. Why does it say “you win” and “you lose” in the same hand? How can I win and lose with the same hand?

Ans: In the case of multiple pots in one hand, It is possible to lose one pot to a player and win another pot in which the previous winner was not an owner.

8. I just created an account with casino VR less than a day ago, why am I blocked out of my account?

Ans: When you create an account with Casino VR, You can play in the casino for one session which is your current session. After that, you must activate your account via email before rejoining.

9. How can I get more chips?

Ans: There are two ways of increasing Casino VR chips. One way is to play and earn them in the game. Second is to buy stacks of chips through our In-App purchases.

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